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Reasons to trade-in your car

You may qualify for a sales tax credit.

Sell your car to us in “as is” condition.

Selling privately is complicated, costly and time consuming.

Receive a top dollar, fair market value offer in minutes.

We’re a one stop shop. Shop, trade-in, and finance with us!

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Reasons to sell your car to us

...opposed to selling privately.

No lowball offers, get a no strings attached, fair market value offer for your used car, truck, or SUV.

No need to worry about safety concerns. Do you really want to get into your car and go for a test-drive with a stranger?

Sell your vehicle to us in “as is” condition or risk the private buyer asking you to pay for repairs out of pocket.

Do you still have monthly car payments and car insurance to account for? Selling your car privately is not as lucrative as it may seem.

Any make, any model, any year with any mileage, most private buyers are in the market for a newer, low-mile vehicle.

Time is money, it could take weeks or even months to sell your car privately. Sell your car to us in and get paid instantly!

No shows, nothing like carving time out of your day just to get stood up by a private buyer.

Minimal paperwork, we’ll handle all the legalities and paperwork, so you don’t have to!